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Care Access is a community-centric clinical research organization that brings world-class clinical trial opportunities to everyone, anywhere.

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What is clinical trial?

Every treatment offered by your doctor has been tested to ensure it is safe and effective. This testing is called a clinical trial.  From small improvements to existing medications, to new life-saving therapies, clinical trials are an important part of making new medicines and treatments available for everyone.

During a clinical trial, doctors work with volunteers who agree to participate in the study. The volunteers may have a particular health condition or disease, or they may be healthy individuals who are helping to test the safety of a new treatment for the good of society.

“It’s painless. It’s going to help people and it’s going to help you so I would suggest you seriously consider it.”

Amy Salzman & Randy Milch

Clinical Trial Participants

Testimonials provided by trial participants are personal experiences and do not necessarily represent the views of the trial sponsor or Care Access. They are not a substitute for medical advice, and the results of the trial may vary based on individual circumstances. Always consult with your healthcare provider before making any medical decisions.

Why should you take part in clinical research?

When you participate in clinical research, you are contributing to research that may not only help advance science for your condition, but may also make an impact on the future of medicine. Without clinical trial volunteers, this would not be possible.

People who participate in clinical research often cite these reasons:

  • They hope the research will benefit others
  • They have additional access to clinical staff and physicians to talk about their health
  • They want to contribute to advancing medicine
Participate in a study

Care Access accelerates the availability of more new medicines and treatments for everyone.

Historically, most medical research conducted in Canada is done at teaching hospitals in larger cities. This leaves many people who seek treatment outside of these hospitals without access to research.

By directly engaging with people in their communities, including diverse, and underserved populations, Care Access brings world-class research opportunities to local residents. Thanks to our community-based physician partners, Care Access makes research a reality for everyone, anywhere. Increased representation improves our understanding of the effectiveness of potential medicines and treatments across different communities, cultures and ethnicities.

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